What is Digital Smile Design (DSD)

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is an advanced dental cosmetic treatment which allows patients to design their smiles. Practised by exceptional dental clinics, it has forever changed the world of dentistry. It showcases the best of dental technology by using the latest digital diagnostic software.

Nowadays, having a healthy mouth is not enough – people want a beautiful smile which enhances their physical appearance and personality. Digital Smile Design allows patients to see what their new smile will look like before they begin treatment, giving them peace of mind and the assurance that they will be getting the best smile for them.

What is the Digital Smile Design Process?

Invisalign has many extensive benefits over standard metal braces, some of which are:

  • Dr Fadi and his assistants will take photos, X-rays and moulds of your mouth.
  • A video of you talking and smiling will be recorded from different angles which will help you decide on the final result.
  • The data is entered into the Digital Smile Design software which will then generate a digital library of smiles which will be placed over your teeth, giving you an example of the treatment results.
  • Dr Fadi will carry out a smile design analysis. Working alongside ceramists, dental technicians and specialists who will help you achieve your dream smile.
  • A mock-up of the final result will be created so you can make last-minute adjustments to the tooth length, colour and smile shape.
  • The final smile design is approved and finalised and a treatment plan is drawn up.
  • Treatment begins – it’s time to get your desired smile!

How Long Does the DSD Procedure Take?

The Digital Smile Design procedure is different for each patient – there is no set timeline. Dr Fadi will go through the treatment plan with each patient and together they will decide on a timescale.

Why Consider Digital Smile Design?

Many of us dream of changing the way we look. With the latest advances in dental technology, Digital Smile Design makes that dream a reality. Dr Fadi works alongside our patients every step of the way to help them achieve their desired smile. It has never been easier to get that confident and beautiful smile!

Is Digital Smile Design painful?

We understand that dental procedures can be daunting, but at DFY Dental, we lay out the treatment plan in full detail, allowing our patients to voice any concerns they may have. As a whole, the use of technology and digital diagnostic tools means that Digital Smile Design is a non-invasive procedure and there are many sedation options for the actual treatment itself.

How Do I Get a Free Consultation?

We want to help you make your dream smile come to life! To get a free Digital Smile Design consultation, please make an appointment or call us on contact 029051 0642.