All on 4

What is all on 4?

All on 4 is a revolution in dentistry and the application of dental implants.

Gone are the days when a whole new set of dentures were held in place by adhesives and bridges. Utilising the newest in dental technology, All on 4 removes the need for an entirely new set of false teeth or implants to support each other, and instead secures the number of prosthetics you require using a simpler, more seamless process.

What are the Benefits of all on 4 Treatment?

The benefits of All on 4 treatment are vast and far superior to other more-outdated denture or dental implant procedures.

Cosmetically, you will achieve the best results for a flawless smile, but under the surface, All on 4 dental implants are secured in the strongest part of your jawbone by state-of-the-art fine screws that act as a permanent replacement for your missing teeth.

All on 4 dental implants are a terrific treatment for many dental issues. From those who are missing teeth but have still retained some of their own, severely damaged teeth in general, those who suffer from periodontal disease or who require a whole new set to give them back the confidence they deserve.

All on 4 – Treatment Process

Simply put, traditional dentures require a full set to support each other that are held in place by bridges and adhesives.

The tried, tested and highly effective All on 4 treatment process instead uses dental implants to fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth, by fixing a small titanium screw into the jawbone, which effectively replaces the missing tooth root.

Dental implants have always been an option to replace missing teeth, but All on 4 uses a high-tech method of approach which removes the need for multiple dentures to provide support to each other.

Instead, All on 4 treatment uses implants that are slightly longer than previously used, and which are affixed at an angle to the front of your mouth, where your jawbone is generally stronger, more sturdy and can hold implants in place for the long-term.

In turn, the result is longer-lasting, more secure dental implants for a brilliant smile.

How do I maintain my All on 4 implants retained dentures?

Maintaining your All on 4 dental implants couldn’t be simpler or more hassle-free.

Obviously, the foundation of any dental care routine is built upon having a solid, thorough brushing and flossing technique. If you feel you have a bit to learn and need a review of your current brushing technique to identify any potential issues, your All on 4 dental technician can show you the best technique to keep your gorgeous new gleamers in tip-top shape.

Of course, regular check-ups are also a major part of maintaining your implants for the long haul, and we recommend bi-annual appointments with Dr Fadi Yassmin to make sure they are in the best possible condition and that they stay that way.

Are you ready to give yourself back the confidence you deserve with a winning smile and enviable teeth? Contact our friendly team today to discuss your requirements and discover just how we can help give you back a whole new lease on life.