Our Team

Our Team


Nicola is a highly valued and vastly experienced member of the DFY Dental team. Nicola’s empathetic attitude and caring demeanour help put even the most fearful patients at ease.


Kim is our friendly front desk coordinator who is ready to answer enquiries from current, former and prospective patients of DFY Dental.


Antoinette is our dedicated and detail oriented accounts manager. In her role as accounts manager, Antoinette is responsible for making sure all the office paperwork is handled properly and that all the behind the scenes tasks are done properly.


Clinical co-ordinator
Maddy makes sure that all the clinical needs at the practice are organised for Dr Fadi. She is an asset to the practice and has been with the team for 3 years


Dental assistant
Tania has been Dr Fadi’s assistant for 10 years. She is passionate about patient care and a joy to have int he dFY Team


Dental Assistant
Klaudia is our newest recruit at dFY Dental and she is an amazing assistant that feels as though she has been part of the team forever.