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Natalie Byrnes and Joanna Mohammadi – Dental Hygienists committed to comfort, care and quality.

Prevention of dental disease starts with a regular oral hygiene routine at home. Simply brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once daily and maintaining a balanced diet can help ensure a healthy smile and strong teeth that last a lifetime.

Visiting DFY Dental’s committed team of dental hygienists for regular check-ups every six months is the perfect compliment to your at-home dental care. Regular visits with our experienced dental hygienists can help keep plague tartar from building up. Those regular visits can also be used to spot early warning signs of gum disease and make sure the problem is treated promptly.

Who are our Dental Hygienists?

Our team of dental hygienists are consummate professionals. Both Natalie and Joanna are committed to the top quality care of every patient, and they serve as an integral part of the team at DFY Dental.

In addition to their other duties, both Natalie and Joanna are committed to making sure every one of the All on 4 patients at DFY Dental  receives the post-surgical and ongoing oral healthcare services they need to maintain their healthy smiles for life.

In addition to coordinating post-surgical care for All on 4 patients, Natalie and Joanna focus on diagnostic, therapeutic and preventative services for their patients – all with one simple goal in mind. That goal is to enhance the oral health of each patient and control common dental diseases.

Both Natalie and Joanna have years of experience in all manner of orthodontic treatments, including Invisalign systems and the treatment of gum disease.

Treating gum disease promptly is very important, if left untreated it can lead to tooth loss and a host of dental and medical problems. Having a quality team of dental hygienists on staff allows DFY Dental to spot gum disease at its earliest stages – when treatment is both easier and more effective.

Natalie and Joana are proud of their training and expertise, and they are always willing to share their knowledge with their patients. Both hygienists work closely with the other members of the DFY Dental team, and the care they provide is an integral part of our success.