Dr. Fadi Yassmin

Who is Dr. Fadi Yassmin?

Cosmetic Dentist Dr.Fadi Yassmin has been leading the impressive team at the DFY Dental in Sydney, Ultimo since 1998. During nearly two decades of practice with the DFY Dental, Dr. Yassmin has developed a reputation as one of the leading dental practitioners in the Sydney.

Dr. Fadi Yassmin is one of the most widely respected dentists in the industry, with a Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Dentistry and ongoing training from such prestigious institutions as the renowned Kings College, the Australian Academy of Dento-Facial Aesthetics and UCLA – widely regarded as one of the world’s leading medical centre’s.

Since the very beginning, Dr. Fadi Yassmin and his team have been committed to serving the needs of their patients – and to providing top quality pain-free dental services.

Among the services Dr. Fadi Yassmin and his staff perform are:

About Dr. Fadi Yassmin

A philosophy of caring

Dr Fadi Yassmin and his staff are passionate about improving the lives of their patients. The top-quality general and cosmetic dentistry services they provide are all based on a very simple philosophy – listening to the concerns of each patient, understanding their specific needs and goals and communicating openly and honestly with everyone who comes through the doors of their clinic.

Dr Yassmin knows that quality dental care takes time. That is why he spends as much time as necessary discussing oral health and dental options with every patient he serves. At DFY Dental, we do not believe in rushing patients – we are dedicated to making sure every patient understands the procedures that will transform their smiles and improve their lives.

In addition to taking time to get to know each patient, Dr Yassmin works hard to customise the best dental treatment for each of his patients. In order to do that, Dr Yassmin stays at the forefront of modern dentistry and seeks the best continuing education in the industry. That is why DFY Dental has made significant investments in cutting-edge dental technology and advanced training for all members of the team.

His Training

Since graduating from Sydney University in 1993, Dr Yassmin has always felt passionate about excelling in his career. After founding DFY Dental in 1998, he knew he had to stay informed about national and international developments in his field, and he has remained constantly up-to-date with the latest technological advancements so he can better serve his patients.

That is also why Dr Yassmin constantly invests in ongoing education and post-graduate courses — both in Australia and overseas, including his recent completion of a Masters in Aesthetic Dentistry. His revolutionary new facet of cosmetic dentistry goes beyond creating a traditional smile makeover. Using the most up-to-date cosmetic dental techniques, Dr Yassmin can now work in harmony with the facial structure of each patient, allowing him to create a beautiful smile while smoothing out the wrinkles and folds of the face.

His recent Master’s is just the latest in a long line of continuing education programs Dr. Yassmin has completed. In order to complete his Master’s in Aesthetic Dentistry. Dr. Yassmin attended the prestigious Kings College in London – widely regarded as one of the top institutions of its kind in the entire world.

The result?

All this hard work, dedication and ongoing training has been undertaken with a single goal in mind – to help every patient obtain the look they have always wanted.

The end result of all this dental education is a much younger looking patient – a patient who feels happier, rejuvenated and a lot more confident.